Small rear garden of a large detached new build house that backs onto a park area.

Client Brief

To create a relaxing adult entertaining outdoor space ‘Wine garden’. Contemporary look with muted tones and greys which link to the interior colour scheme.

Key to incorporate an additional seating area within the garden in the right-hand corner of the garden for the clients to sit and enjoy the late afternoon/early evening sun. Planting to soften the garden and provide colour and interest throughout the year.

Key requirements:

  • Terrace area behind the Orangery (kitchen area) to allow for dining table for table to seat six people.
  • Existing rear boundary fence and hedge to be removed. Rear fence to match side boundary fence, new gate to be moved to left-hand corner
  • Garden to be levelled.
  • Potentially privacy via pleached trees on left-hand side boundary
  • Screening of side alley bin storage
  • New plant borders
  • Planting greens, white cornflower blue, cream and a pop of bright pink
  • Water feature, either a trough or a stainless-steel orb with water flowing over it.
  • Possibly a fire pit
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation

3D Design Concepts