A collaboration with Katharine Goddard


To design the generous gardens and paddock area surrounding the traditional large detached thatched house.

Client Brief

To create a Master plan for the site that incorporates the gym and car port. The aim for the project is to create a Master plan that can be implemented over a number of years ie a 2/5/10 year schedule.

Masterplan Braybourne End

Key overall requirements

  • Garden to have a traditional feel that ties in with the house. Materials to be used wood, brick detailing seen on the house and natural stone.
  • Noise reduction/ mitigation from the road and air with the of planting and water feature.
  • Creation of focal points/ site lines that make the most of the views within the garden and beyond from the borrowed landscape.
  • Creation of secret places/ surprise areas within the garden.
  • Creating a sense of arrival and interest at both the front and rear entrance and along the client’s driveway leading to the rear of the property.
  • Creation of an enclosed area within the garden for the dog. Not sure about this . What about– Be mindful of the arrival of a puppy in January 2021 and the need to make the garden, part of the garden, secure?
  • Lighting required throughout the site.

Key specific requirements

  • Increase the size of the terrace for entertaining
  • Swimming pool with pergola seating area and possibly also a natural wishing pond
  • Remove pond and replace with new water feature
  • Designated large children’s play area with relocated trampoline, potential treehouse, climbing frame and football area.
  • Creation of an orchard surrounded by meadow planting
  • Vegetable growing area
  • Beehive
  • Safe secure area for dog to play
  • New gym and car port to be anchored by planting
  • New parking area and driveway. Potentially line section of driveway with trees to create interest and a sense of arrival at rear of property.
  • Over grown plant borders to be reviewed and improved
  • New planting with perennials and grasses to give all year round interest and pops of colour.


Braybourne End Before 1
Braybourne End Before 2
Braybourne End Before 3
Braybourne End Before 4
Braybourne End Before 5
Braybourne End Before 6